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Archie and Gulf Racing Show Great Pace in Dubai

Archie and Gulf Racing Show Great Pace in Dubai

The number nine Gulf Racing Lamborghini Gallardo, driven by Roald Goethe, Archie Hamilton, Stuart Hall and Mike Wainwright put in consistently fast lap times and at the end of the race had the third best lap time on the results sheet. The car suffered a mechanical failure and failed to reach the chequered flag in the closing stages of the race.

After a strong qualifying performance, Archie and his team-mates started the race from eighth on the grid. Problems struck from the early stages of the race with mechanical issues dropping the car down the order significantly after a lengthy pit stop for repairs. Undeterred the team carried on, consistently setting lap times under the two minute ten second mark throughout the race. With the end in sight, perseverance looked to be paying off when, with Roald Goethe driving, a wheel hub failure caused a crash which ended the team’s race just thirty minutes before the end.

Archie Hamilton:
“ The car was great to drive and we had a great pace. I loved driving it and getting the opportunity to have that much time in such a great car has been fantastic, so a big thank you to my sponsor. Thank you also to the team who worked so hard to keep us going. I hope that people have seen my consistency and decent lap times which should stand me in good stead for the future.”

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